What Are We Building ?

Community Coin

The illuminati Coin(ILT) is a community coin which will be primarily used for staking and trading, it will also be used to foster the global leadership program of our organisation .

Assets Trading

Once you receive your staking reward we want to give you the possibility of quickly trade it into any other asset listed on our platform.

Multi Asset Staking

Our investors will have the possibility of staking our native token(ILT) including bitcoin and other assets that we strategically believe will add value to our platform and those assets voted by our community.


Trading Platform

Instant Asset Trading of the Staking Rewards

For a better user experience, you will be able to quickly exchange your staking reward into all the assets listed on the platform. Both platforms speak to each other and where developed using the most robust financial applications technologies with high frequency trading algorithm.


For a continuous token valuation we will be carrying quartly buy back events and increase the token use case, our token distribution is allocated in the following order:

Token Standard


Token Symbol


Token Name

illuminati Coin

Total Supply


Soft Cap

$250 K

Hard Cap



Below is the timeline of where we are coming from and what is our future. Each year we will be releasing the scheduled roadmap.


We have not listed our team members on the website due to the polemic organisation name we are using. To be clear we are not any organisation from another planet, we do protect the basic interests of the global population. Our team is made up of advisors from successful blockchain projects as well as well known politicians, artists and business people. Our IT and Operations team is currently composed of 12 people from different backgrounds.


For further details of what we are doing please download our Whitepaper to have a better understanding of the projet. We have also added the Exchanges in which we are currently applying to list our token right after the public sale.

White Paper


We have outlined the key questions to help our community, but if you still have any question do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Contact Us

It's our pleasure to hear from our community, if you have any question feel free to send us an email do [email protected] of use the contact form below.